Dec 27, 2014


Kailani's Story

It's a Vancouver rainy day. I'm chilling out in my favorite cafe, drawing a dwarf inspired by the latest Hobbit. Suddenly a girl and her dad join my table

 Right away the girl,Kailani, comments my drawing betting that I'm an artist. As we chat I ask her if she has ever seen a Toothfairy, and since she didn't I ask her to imagine how she might look. As Kailani plays around with my gooey eraser she begins to describe her Toothfairy, I turn the page on my sketchbook and start to draw what she is telling me. I'm always amazed by the accuracy with which kids nail down details in their imagination. When the drawing is done she asks me very politely if she can keep the drawing. Could I say no?!!
After that she asks me for my number, and while I'm giving her my contacts she confesses that at first she thought I was a girl with short hair, until she saw my wiskers. 
Our team works great and now we start another drawing, but it's time for her to leave. The sun is out at this point, just for a moment, breaking through the gloom of the day. I give her my eraser and my pencil too, I always have one to spare. 
Kailani doesn't want to leave , but she obeys politely to her dad. Before leaving "We are good friends now " she says. She hugs me and she leaves the cafe with a big smile stamped on her face, keep waving throught the window. As she hops on her car and disappears, the sun goes into hiding again leaving me wondering if all that really happened. 

Kailani, if you are reading this, remember never to let your creativity fade away, and never to cage your imagination. Use the blue pencil to let it fly high in the sunny sky.


  1. I love the story and is a very attractive redaction, now I know that you are capable to write too. You have a lot of abilities and you are a wonderful person, I will miss you my talented friend!!! Besossss <3

  2. Thank you Aye! I can't wait to see you again!!!