Apr 11, 2021

The Pulchrus


The Pulchrus is an accursed cyclop who can replicate anything his evil eye can spy with precision and murderous intent. Hellbent into replacing all that is real with a copy of its own creation. The copies, called Echoes, venerate the being as a god, and seek their originals to murder them.

Pulchrus is also known to keenly replicate limbs or body parts to adorn itself. You would rather not encounter this thing down the dungeon...

Mar 25, 2021

Kobold Lair


Lately I have been into hand-painting dungeons for D&D. I made a bunch of brushes in Clip studio, and a bunch of textures in Krita. This Dungeon is part of a larger random complex I created with the help of my wife.  I am planning to release a 1 inch grid version to use for tabletop.



Feb 26, 2021

Hand-painted Dungeon


There we go! Tested out some brushes I made for painting dungeons in Clip Studio Paint. Final hand-painted details added later on a layer on top. That was really fun!